ARED-Kinematics has been launched on-board SpX-28 from Cape Canaveral!

June 5th, 2023 Cape Canaveral. ARED-Kinematics is a human physiology experiment supported by ASI and ESA, aimed to quantify the joint torque, muscle forces, and bone stresses that occur during exercise in microgravity, as well as to quantify adaptations in performance that may occur throughout a long-duration spaceflight mission. Indeed, unloading of bones and muscles in microgravity results in rapid deterioration of both and exercise has been proved to be the most effective means thus far at counteracting the physical deconditioning intrinsic to human spaceflight. The scientific research is led by Prof. Giancarlo Ferrigno, head of NeuroEngineering and Medical Robotics Lab – NearLab of Politecnico di Milano. The experiment relies on the ARED-K payload developed by Kayser Italia, based on a motion capture instrument (4 infrared Cameras with integrated illuminators and 1 Acquisition Unit) that will be installed in the Node 3 of the ISS making use of the NASA counter-measurement facility ARED for resistance exercise performed by the crew. This kinematic analysis will allow exercise programs to be optimized based upon evidence and will increase the understanding of how resistance exercise in microgravity affects the body. The first crew operations are expected end of August. Stay tuned!

Picture: ARED-K Ground Model at NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC), Houston, used for Baseline Data Collection (BDC) and Crew Training.