KIC Container: In the framework of the Life Science programs Kayser Italia has developed the KIC – Kayser Italia Container – family of experiment containers. This development has been driven by the need to adopt a “standard” container for the execution of life science experiments in microgravity inside biology incubators (e.g. KUBIK, BIOKON, BIOBOX).

KICs aim: The KICs complement effectively biological Experiment Units (EU) making possible to interface them with the incubator, providing electrical power and data transfer interfaces.

KIC/EU Powering: The KIC has an electrical interface (connector) towards the incubator facility, thus providing to the EU electric power and data transfer capabilities. KICs can be integrated with KUBIK(1), BIOKON(2) and BIOBOX(3) facilities.

KIC performances: The KICs are fully qualified for the manned mission into the Soyuz. The KICs are hermetically sealed. The KICs operate in the range of –100°C to 40°C.
Formerly developed for biological experiments committed to the ISS through manned “taxi” flights, KIC design fulfills KUBIK mechanical, thermal and electrical interfaces requirements. KICs design can be tailored against new incubator or scientific requirements, e.g. the new developed KIC-SLB and the KIC-SLBE with internal electronics dedicated to experiment illumination.