In a modern building, the company has 5000 sq. meters of property, organized into offices, meeting rooms, conference room, laboratories, clean room, manufacturing, inspection and integration area.

Electronic laboratories

Electronic laboratory instrumentation is periodically calibrated and includes:

  • Electronic instrumentation: oscilloscopes, multimeters, logic analyzers, spectrum analyzers, data acquisition systems, signal conditioners, power supplies, sensors, calibrators, standards
  • Development tools for various microprocessors and FPGA’s

Environmental test facilities        

·    Climatic chambers (990 liters) for temperature and humidity tests

·    Climatic chambers (300 liters) for temperature and humidity tests

·    Vacuum pumps and glass bells for de-gassing of coatings and vacuum tests

·    Thermal controlled bath for temperature sensors calibration

·    Data acquisition system for environmental parameters

Clean room 


Clean room (100 m2)

Biology laboratory

·    Laboratory bench work

·    Pipettors

·    Analytical balance

·    Incubator

·    Autoclave for sterilization of biology experiments parts

·    Fridge and freezer

Inspection and test facilities 

·    Microscopes and video cameras for inspection of solder joints and other items

·    Video-based inspection and measurement system

·    Infra-Red thermo-camera

·    Sound level meter

3D fast prototyping

  • Production of 3D mockups and functional models of parts in thermoplastic material

Computing and software facilities

Company network connecting more than 100 computers equipped with apps and tools for:

·    Personal productivity : MS Office

·    Software development tools: MS Visual Studio (C/C++, C#, Visual BASIC, ASP)

·    Requirements management : IRQA

·    Simulation and Analysis : MathCad, IDL

·    Mechanical and thermal design : Autodesk Inventor Suite, Autodesk Autosketch, PATRAN/ NASTRAN MSC

·    Electronics Design and Development : Cadence OrCad, Mentor Dx Designer, Labview, Testpoint

·    Embedded software design : Keil C51, IAR

·    FPGA design : Actel, Xilinx, Lattice, Atmel

·    FPGA and memory programmers

·    Optical design : Zemax

 Moreover, Kayser Italia developed specialized tools for documents management and warehouse.

Soldering and manufacturing facilities

Electronics production tools:

  • Tools for soldering and re-working of Through-Hole (TH) components and Surface Mount Technology (SMT) components
  • Stereo microscopes with cameras
  • Crimping tools for different types of connectors
  • Wire-wrap tools

 Assembling tools:

  • Laminar flow bench
  • Pneumatic dispenser for glues and pastes
  • Foam and textiles sewing machines and tool for soft pouches manufacturing
  • Various mechanical workshop tools and equipments
  • Vacuum packing system

ICARO: International space Centre for Advanced Research and Operations

The International space Centre for Advanced Research and Operations “ICARO” is composed by two main structures:

  • Payload Operation Control Center (POCC)
  • Experiment Support Center (ESC)

The two centres operate simultaneously guaranteeing the control of all the activities on an experiment during its life cycle.