Biological sample: The YING-B1 experiment investigates one of the most intensively studied eukaryotic model organisms in molecular biology: the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae.



YING-B1 experiment: Yeast growth in a batch of liquid culture is required by the scientists to find out the effects of microgravity on yeast colony organisation. At molecular level Flo proteins expression and functionality are analyzed.

Hardware performance: The EU is designed to allow yeast growth, filtration and fixation. A shared injection system regulates fluids displacement within two independent fluidic systems at the same time. Thus the experiment procedure is validated with the so -called control experiment. Volumes and fluid replacement rate can be finely tuned. The filtering device can be tailored to different pore sizes. Gas homeostasis is maintained. These features make the hardware suitable to different experiment conditions and biological samples.