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More ELITE-S2 sessions on board the ISS


November, 6th 2012 – Another successful scientific session with ELITE-S2 has been done on board the ISS. Astronaut Kevin Ford has carried out  with superb performances the second of three scientific sessions scheduled by the Italian Space Agency (ASI). ELITE-S2, the ASI’s body movement analysis facility developed by Kayser Italia, still show high performance after 4 years of service in space. The next session for Kevin Ford is planned in January of 2013, before his reentry to earth.



ELITE-S2 Experiments on board the ISS


Sunday, October 28th2012 - New scientific experiments have been executed on board the International Space Station using the ASI (Agenzia Spaziale Italiana) ELITE-S2 system for the total body movement analysis. The scientific protocols MOVE and IMAGINE-2 were prepared by the teams of Politecnico di Milano ((Prof. G. Ferrigno) and of the Centro di Biomedicina Spaziale of the Università Roma Tor Vergata - IRCCS Santa Lucia Roma (Prof. F. Lacquaniti). 

 (Image credits: NASA)

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