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In the last two decades, Kayser Italia achieved a long record of successes in space flight missions.


Life science

Dedicated Experiment Units have been designed and developed for Space Life Science to support scientists in investigating the effects of microgravity on Biological Systems. So far, ranging from Bacteria to Metazoa studies, experiments have covered many disciplines within Biology field such as: Molecular Biology, Genomics, Proteomics, Physiology and Histology.

Physical science

Dedicated Experiment Hardware has been designed and developed for Space Physical science to support scientists in investigating the thermodynamics behaviour of fluids, and the physical and chemical properties of materials under microgravity conditions. A sound experience has been gained also into Physics of Particles and detectors.


Kayser Italia is participating to developments aimed at the investigation of the universe beyond Earth's atmosphere, especially Moon and Mars.

ISS Equipment

Several equipment have been developed for their utilization on board the International Space Station (ISS) and the associated transport vehicles (Shuttle Transportation System, ATV, HTV, Soyuz, Progress).