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Kayser Italia awarded contract by ASI for Support Services to the ISS Utilization Activities

In order to support the ASI Utilization of the International Space Station (ISS), including the national research tasks of the ESA Italian Astronauts,  ASI  issued last year a public  AO on  "Support Services to ASI for the ISS Utilization Activities".

After a pre-selection of candidate Contractors, two offers  have been presented, one of which by Kayser Italia.

After a technical and Economical evaluation, in July 2013  Kayser Italia has been declared as winner and the contract signed in September.

The Contract is covering 42 months of activity with an option up to 48 months.

The Contractor ( KI ) will be in charge of providing :

  • Support to the definition and implementation of Research Plans
  • Support  to  ASI for the Development, Integration, Qualification and Operation of New payloads   
  • Support to the ASI utilization of ISS and to the interface with NASA, including on-site support at the Johnson Space Center (Houston, Texas).
  • Set up of a User Support Operations Center in Italy (at KI in Livorno)  with full capabilities (i.e. Link with ISS including voice, engineering and scientific data, commands, video and their distribution to the end users)
  • Support to operations and maintenance of Payloads in Orbit
  • Support to Science and Results dissemination;

Kayser Italia is  proud of this achievement , which represents a recognition of the capabilities of the Italian SME, not only as Payload Developer, but also as Mission & Operation Prime Contractor, for a role which is normally covered by Large System Integrators.

It is worth noting that due to the competencies matured during more than 50 Space Missions, and more than 80 payload successfully flown, but also to the flexibility and to the competitive hourly rate, the industrial offer made by Kayser Italia to ASI resulted in the public tender as the most favorable for the national Agency.


Livorno, 20.9.2013


Disclaimer: “he view expressed herein can in no way be taken to reflect the official opinion of the Agenzia Spaziale Italiana.”

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