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CYTOSPACE experiment



Livorno, 21 May 2015 – The NATO and CYTOSPACE experiment units are on their final way to the investigators. Today the experiments returned on earth by the Dragon capsule that left the ISS at 11:04 UTC and splashed in the Pacific ocean about 6 hours late. The precious biological samples are expected in Houston where Kayser Italia representative will manage a safe temperature controlled transport towards the Italian scientific laboratories. CYTOSPACE investigators will recover the samples at the Kayser Italia’s “Italian Center for Advanced Research Operations” (ICARO),  in Livorno (Italy) while the NATO samples will be recovered at the University of Milan.

The ASI experiments, performed by using Kayser Italia devices, have been successfully managed on board the ISS by astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti with the on ground real time support provided by the company’s specialist at the User Support Operations Centre (USOC, Livorno). Then samples have been safely stored into the ISS cold stowage facilities (MELFI and GLACIER) until today.

Biological sample are getting ready for the extensive scientific analysis campaign.